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Tri Colored Heron
The Louisiana Birding Trails are Being Updated!

In an effort to further develop and promote the eco-cultural tourism assets of Louisiana, Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, with the help of the Louisiana Office of Tourism, is starting a project to assess, evaluate, update, redesign, and potentially expand and/or reconfigure the Louisiana Birding Trails. The intent of this effort is to improve the visitors’ experience, maximize the value of Louisiana’s outdoor resources, open new visitor markets, and assist communities across the state to promote their respective areas to national and international visitors.

If you know of a good site on public lands (federal/state/local parks, wildlife management areas, etc.) to view birds, other wildlife and where you can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking, or other outdoor recreation activities, please complete the following nomination form. Your nomination is vital to the success of the Louisiana Birding Trails. The information collected will be submitted to the Louisiana Office of Tourism’s trained assessors, who will then visit and evaluate potential sites based on key criteria.

In addition to nominations on public lands, privately-owned site nominations submitted by the site owner/manager will also be assessed for inclusion on the trail. Respect for the property of private landowners is very important to us. Please only submit sites on private land if you are the owner of the site and if you will allow visitors onto your property.

Only Completed Nomination Forms Will Be Considered for Each of the Trails
Please review the fields of information required to nominate a site on this hardcopy of the form before clicking the button below.
Click the “Nominate a Birding Trail Site” button below and Fill in the Nomination Form